How to start your business
as a Solopreneur in Germany

At Freeliance, we believe in the Future of Work, in a world where people can take care of themselves and follow their passion. We’re building toward a future, where the freelance economy replaces lifelong employment. You are no longer alone.

Not your standard buy-my-product/hear my amazing success story bullshit.
Carefully selected companies and experts will give you practical tips and useful tools to enable you to become a successful freelancer as well as scale your existing business.


from 1st to 6th October

Available for 24 hrs - starting 9 am

Business Automation

German Tax Trap Jungle Demystified

Chris, Kontist


How to get your Freelance visa with ease

Tia, Expath

Data Protection

GDPR Compliance for solopreneurs

Silvan, TechGDPR


How to get yourself in the productivity workflow?

Antoine, Productivity Day

Available for 24 hrs - starting 9 am

Trainers, Coaches and Consultants

Sell digital content and memberships like a pro!

Tolga, Elopage


Newcomer yesterday, entrepreneur tomorrow

Ana, Migration Hub

The Future of Freelancing

The Future of Freelancing in the age of Blockchain

Bardia, Unitalent


A freelancer’s guide to emotional wellbeing

Alexej, Spring

Available for 24 hrs - starting 9 am


How to keep Finanzamt happy

Moritz, FastBill


Name the price you’re worth

Alexandre, Comit

Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition strategy: Networking

Sherri, ELTABB


How to start your IT business in Germany

Tobias, IT-founder

Available for 24 hrs - starting 9 am

Business Automation

Time Boxes: How to successfully organise efficient projects workshops

Tobias, HQ Labs

Customer acquisition

Artist, stop being poor

Stephan, Azucar

Trainers, Coaches and Consultants

How to be a successful trainer, coach or consultant

Frederic, TAM Academie

Available for 24 hrs - starting 9 am

Finance & Savings

You won’t always be young and beautiful. Not sexy, but essential: Pensions

Lara, Vantik


Finances, Wealth and Investment

Leitha, Mind the Gap

Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition strategy: Community Building

Kentaro, ISM Entertainment Group


How to build a powerful personal brand 

Cecillie, The Copenhagen Traveller

Available for 24 hrs - starting 9 am


Survival Kit to German taxes

Moe, Eifas

The Future of Freelancing

Education & Universal Basic Income

Andre, SRH


Jet-set Lifestyle: navigate international tax laws successfully

Ronald, Easyrechtssicher

Satellite Live events


How to become best friends with Finanzamt


Newcomers yesterday – Entrepreneurs tomorrow


How to start your IT-Business in Germany


Business Automation for the Self-employed


Financial Intelligence for Solopreneurs made fun!


Newcomers Yesterday, Entrepreneurs Tomorrow


How to start your IT and Programming business in Germany


The Future of the Female Solopreneurship


How to build a powerful personal brand

Survival Kit to Finanzamt

German Tax Trap Jungle Demystified

Artist, stop being poor

From refugee to a successful entrepreneur

Building a powerful business as a woman

How to be a successful trainer, coach or consultant

Name the price you’re worth

Bookkeeping like a Boss

Essential insurances and pensions every freelancer needs

A journey from an employee to a solopreneur
(for programmers)

How to get yourself in the productivity workflow.


  • Moritz Lampkemeyer
    Moritz Lampkemeyer Community & Social at FastBill
  • Tobias Ziegler
    Tobias Ziegler Founder of IT Businesscoach
  • Chris Plantener
    Chris Plantener Co-Founder Kontist
  • Julia Wiencirz
    Julia Wiencirz Co-Founder of Female Founder Academy
  • Alexandre
    Alexandre Co-Founder of Comit
  • Chris
    Chris Co Founder of
  • Marc Clemens
    Marc Clemens Co-founder of Code Control
  • Alexej W. A. Gornizki
    Alexej W. A. Gornizki Co-founder of Spring
  • Mohamed Jimale
    Mohamed Jimale Founder of Ari Farm
  • Sibulele Ngomane
    Sibulele Ngomane Founder of Soyama Network
  • Hannah Dahl
    Hannah Dahl Co-Founder of CoWomen
  • Leitha Matz
    Leitha Matz Co-Founder of Get Zuper and Mind the Gap
  • Tolga Önal
    Tolga Önal Co-Founder of Elopage
  • Alexander Baatz
    Alexander Baatz Co-Founder of Kontist
  • Bardia M. Zanganeh
    Bardia M. Zanganeh Co-Founder of Unitalent
  • Moe Dorfner
    Moe Dorfner Founder of Eifas
  • Silvan Jongerius
    Silvan Jongerius Co-Founder of TechGDPR
  • Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge
    Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge Founder of The Copenhagen Traveller
  • Kentaro Yoneda
    Kentaro Yoneda Founder of ISM Entertainment
  • Sherri Williams
    Sherri Williams "Chair of English Language Teachers' Association Berlin-Brandenburg (ELTABB)
  • Stephan van Kuyk
    Stephan van Kuyk Founder of Azucar, Art Consultant
  • Dr. Antoine Larchez
    Dr. Antoine Larchez Founder of Productivity Day
  • Ronald Kandelhard
    Ronald Kandelhard lawyer and founder of
  • Lara Hämmerle
    Lara Hämmerle Co-Founder Vantik
  • Alexander Beresford
    Alexander Beresford CMO of Finiata
  • Margaret Mary Quigley
    Margaret Mary Quigley Content and Marketing Manager at Ottonova
  • Frederic M. Fuchs
    Frederic M. Fuchs Co-Founder of TAM Akademie
  • Tia Robinson
    Tia Robinson Co-Founder of Expath
  • Dr. André Presse
    Dr. André Presse Assistant Professor for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management and Innovation
  • Ana Maria Alvarez Monge
    Ana Maria Alvarez Monge Founder of Migration Hub

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