At Freeliance we believe in a world where people can take care of themselves and follow their passion. We are building toward a future, where the freelance economy replaces lifelong employment.

You are no longer alone. Freeliance offers support from seasoned freelancers, expert advice, networking and exclusive goodies that will help you succeed with your own business.

The Team

  • Melchior Bläse
    Melchior Bläse Freeliance Co-Founder
  • Olla Jongerius
    Olla Jongerius Freeliance Co-Founder
  • Tobias Maucher
    Tobias Maucher Freeliance Project Manager
  • Mert Budak
    Mert Budak Freeliance Brand Manager & Community
  • Vittoria Toso
    Vittoria Toso Designer

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The membership fee is typically 39,00€ per month, however we’re offering free lifetime membership for the first 5000 community members (please enter the Code “START2018”). Apply now to secure the offer before it’s gone!

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